2019 DewBurn Interactive® - Threatcon

THREATCON: Undercover Operations

A first person stealth adventure that follows a rookie undercover agent.

Quick Facts

Developer: DewBurn Interactive
Publisher: DewBurn Interactive
Platforms: Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Press Emails: kyle@dewburn.com, press@dewburn.com

Game Description

THREATCON: Undercover Operations is a first person stealth adventure that puts you in the shoes of a rookie agent, Diego Ortiz. Having recently been recruited by a private defense contractor, GeoFirm, Ortiz will train to become one of the organization's top undercover agents. Learn how to think, speak, and act like an agent.

While at GeoFirm, Ortiz learns how to think and act like an agent - stick to the shadows, employ the use of gadgets and silenced weapons, gather intelligence, and enhance his hacking and lock-picking abilities. As Ortiz ranks up, he is given higher priority assignments and will be able to utilize more perks such as heightened environmental awareness, increased loadout options, and an expanded variety of skill-sets, useful for completing each operation. Furthermore, Ortiz will learn of a rival organization whose deeds are aimed towards corrupting the flow of information and disrupting governmental sectors, causing a dilemma for a worldwide economical crisis, and must track down the source before it is too late.

Gameplay Features